2021 Florida AIDS Walk and Music Festival

SAVE Foundation

Welcome to our Florida AIDS Walk Team Fundraising Page!

This is a tough time for all. Nonprofits throughout the world are going to take an unprecedented financial hit. With the coronavirus causing us to modify our fundraising events, and programs, we lose opportunities to connect with our LGBTQ community and allies. Furthermore, we are challenged to continue our fundraising efforts although we remain focused on our mission to promote, protect and defend equality for people in South Florida who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

Double your contribution

Do you want to see your charitable donation to SAVE doubled? Your donation of $25 turns into $50, a $100 gift doubles into $200, and a $1,000 donation morphs into $2,000 to help SAVE continue its work at a time when nonprofits like ours are going to be hit hard during this crisis.

Through the AIDS Health Care Foundation’s Florida AIDS Walk, we are receiving 1:1 matches. We appreciate you thinking of us and for make a financial gift.

Yours in service,

Orlando Gonzales, Executive Director

SAVE Foundation

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