2024 Florida AIDS Walk and Music Festival

WAM Education Department

Hello Friends, and thank you for visiting Tracy Vertus's Education Department Fundraising page! I have decided to take an active part in the fight against HIV and AIDS. That’s why, on Saturday, March 9th, I will be participating in a 5K fundraising walk to help raise funds to support the World AIDS Museum's education programming. 

While HIV and AIDS have fallen out of the spotlight in recent years, the epidemic is far from over. An estimated 1.1 million people in the US are living with HIV, and 15% of them don’t know it. Broward Country and Miami Dade top the infection rates in the United States. Black and brown communities are disproportionately impacted. Therefore it is also my goal to speak out on this statistic.  Will you help me make a difference in this fight by donating to the walk? Or will you please support our efforts by joining our team.

World AIDS Museum and Educational Center's mission is to increase awareness and decrease stigma of the AIDS epidemic by documenting the history of HIV/AIDS, remembering the people who have suffered from this disease, educating people about HIV/AIDS, and empowering the survivors.

Your gift makes a direct impact on our goal to continue providing education to youth, decreasing stigma through  cultural programming, and fighting to end the epidemic once and for all. 

Together, we are making a difference!

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