Team Fundraising

Get started fundraising today! When you raise funds, Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival helps our community save lives. We put together a list full of helpful fundraising tips for you and your team. 

  1. Create a Team Fundraising Event.
    • Put together a yard sale, car wash, or dinner party to help raise funds.
  2. Make a Facebook Group.
    • Make a group page that is dedicated to your team. Use it as a forum to praise and motivate your members. 
  3. Create a Fundraising Timeline.
    • Include events, fundraising letters, and follow-up. Track teammate progress and congratulate members on achieving their goals. 
  4. Start Fundraising Early.
    • It never hurts to be the first to email your friends and family to make the ask.
    • Use one of our sample emails to get started. 
  5. Use Social Media

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Team FAQs